This Is the Salary You Need to Afford the Average Home in Your State

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If you think it’s expensive to live in the Garden State. $60,000 to afford a two-bedroom home at $1,500. That averages out to a family being paid $28.86 per hour, which the study calls New Jersey’s.

Then, they figure what you need to buy that home. The total sales of homes in California would include foreclosures, cabins, mobile homes, and include all those areas that do have very low cost housing.

The math is clear: Ms. Harris can’t afford the child care she helps provide. nationwide next to benchmarks like a full-time minimum wage salary, the median family income and the average cost of a.

If you’re working a full. nation — and residents would need to earn $28.17 an hour to afford it. The current minimum wage is $8.60 an hour. The average cost of a two-bedroom rental in the U.S. is.

The salary you need to afford the average home in your state (Based on a 30-year mortgage with a 10% down payment). Top 5 Places Where You Need the Lowest Salaries to Afford the A.

Before you buy a home, it's important to find out if you can afford the monthly mortgage payment. To do this, some financial experts recommend.

Top 5 Places Where You Need the Lowest Salaries to Afford the Average Home 1. west virginia: $38,320 for a house worth $149,500 2. Ohio: $38,400 for a house worth $149,900 3. Michigan: $40,800 for a house worth $160,000 4. Arkansas: $41,040 for a house worth $161,000 5. Missouri: $42,200 for a house worth $165,900 Top 5 Places Where You Need the Highest Salaries to Afford the Average Home 1.

What You Need To Earn On A State-By-State Basis. Here is the hourly wage that a household must earn in order to afford the "fair market rent" for a two-bedroom rental unit without having to hand over more than 30 percent of their income. These numbers assume you work for 40 hours a week and 52 weeks a year.

But how does their high income potential influence the homes they buy. It's no secret that doctors tend to have nicer homes than the average person.. At LeverageRx, we have processed thousands of physician mortgage loans.. Median Doctor Home Prices by State Median Doctor Home Prices by State.