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A Domicile Certificate proves that an individual is a resident of a particular state or union territory. If you are a resident of Maharashtra, a domicile certificate will help you get preference in the case of admission in Pharmacy, Medical and Engineering Colleges in the State.

How do I write a declaration of intent to reestablish U.S. domicile? A declaration is a simple statement that you intend in good faith to return to the United States to resume your domicile.

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"Domicile" refers to your primary residence. The term is often used interchangeably with "residence" 1.1.1 If you make Nevada your "domicile", it does not mean that Nevada is your exclusive place of residence, but it generally refers to the place that you reside most of the time or, at least, more than.

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Establishing a Florida domicile can be obtained by choice, however, two necessary elements must be met. The burden of proof is on the person declaring domicile to show that Florida is the center of the person’s social, economic as well as civic activity.

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Little Black "domicile"! virtual interior design. Without updates, designed to appeal to the buyer looking for homes online, the buyer sees a somewhat dark, 22 Any new furnishings used for staging should be transitional style. Not too modern, nor too traditional will appeal to the majority of buyers.

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The legislative history indicates that (1) a person’s residence is not necessarily where he votes or pays taxes–that is, it is not necessarily his legal domicile; (2) a person is a resident of the locale where he is "permanently or for substantial periods of time physically located;" and (3) a person may have dual residency, or rotate between.