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Welcome to the registration page for the Orland Park High Level Throwing Clinic! This clinic will be run by Austin Wasserman with a focus on the High Level Throwing Program for Softball Players! There will only be 1 session available to serious softball athletes, ages 13-18 looking to learn and develop throwing mechanics by position.

You are here: Home / Archives for High Level Throwing. Building a Warm-Up | Wasserman Strength. July 18, 2019 by Austin Wasserman Leave a Comment. The warm-up is an important part of any strength training program and sport specific work. It helps reduce the risk of injury, prepares the body for.

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Welcome to the registration page for the S2 Breakthrough High Level Throwing Clinic scheduled for Sunday, March 11th from 3-5pm!This clinic will be run by Austin Wasserman and the session will be 2 hours in duration! This clinic is for players of all ages to learn proper throwing warm-ups, routines, drills and progressions so they can apply them to their daily training and practice sessions!

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This includes Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, University of Washington to name a few as well as travel organizations such as the Georgia Impact, Virginia Glory, Atlanta Vipers, Orland Park As, EC Bullets and more! His book, high level throwing softball Edition, is the most used overhand throwing book for Rec, Travel, High School and College Players.